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Handling and management of the depot

1994 : opening of the first container river line between Paris and le Havre
In 1994 Paris Terminal helps set up Logiseine, a company operating the first regular container transport lines on the Seine, connecting the Gennevilliers terminal to the ports of le Havre and Rouen. The terminal is the shipping lines’ container depot.

Paris Terminal has been managing the Bonneuil site since 2003.

Below Gennevilliers the Seine is open to TEU river convoys with a length of 180 m, a width of 11,40 m, for a draught of up to 3,50 m. It is open to river/sea convoys with a dead weight of up 2 600 tons. The platform can be reached by 88 TEU convoys on the upstream part of the Seine and on the Oise. Convoys get to Le Havre within 30 hours. Gennevilliers is directly connected to the A86 and A15 motorways, close to the A1, A13 and A14 motorways to Normandy. The platform has a railway connection, on the RER C network and the outer circle railway.

A large range of services on ONE site: the guarantee of a more efficient service and real savings in cost.

  • Handling, maintenance and management of the depots for containers and swap bodies*
  • Customs bonded storage on platforms (MADT)
  • Customs and transit operations on site carried out by authorized service providers, community EDI system AP+ for fast transit procedures
  • An EDI management system* for an accurate container tracking and storage
  • Mail/EDI reporting for a real time information on operations carried out
  • Rental of offices and HGV parking space*


*Gennevilliers only.

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