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Spécifications of Bonneuil sur Marne terminal

The location of the Bonneuil sur Marne site east of Paris has 2 major advantages:

  1. The logistic market of the Seine et Marne and Essonne districts is within easy reach. This reduces the use of road transport and optimizes vehicle round trips.
  2. It is close the existing and future markets in the neighbouring districts of the Paris area (e.g. Aube and Marne)
Length of platform (m) 110
Draught (m) 3,0
Railways tracks (m) -
Capacity (TEU) 500
Traffic capacity (TEU) 20 000
Reefer plug (Pre-trip) -
Power (V) 380
3-mode gantry cranes -
Reach stackers 2
Front lift trucks -
Depot for customs inspections(m²) -
Container repair companies
Opening hours (From Monday to Friday) 7 am / 5 pm
River Lines (weekly) 3
Railway Lines (weekly) -


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Situation of the terminals
Gennevilliers Terminal Bonneuil sur Marne Terminal

Bonneuil sur Marne Terminal