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Customs operations

Customs play a decisive part in the circulation of goods. A swift and efficient customs clearance helps companies improve their position in the world market. In the present international economic situation, an increasing importance is attached to uncomplicated, foreseeable and profitable customs formalities in the cross-border circulation of goods.

Customs have therefore an economic role. In agreement with the regulations of international trade they control sales flows with a focus on :

  1. a steady flow
  2. security
  3. quality via procedures meeting the companies’ requirements
  • Storage on customs bonded platforms
  • Transit and customs operations on site carried out by authorized service providers
  • Cargo Community System AP+ implementation to speed up customs, commercial, administrative and logistique procedures for goods entrying and exiting. The CCS AP+ will be operational in 2010 on the terminal of Gennevilliers.

AP+ ensures an extended use of standardized management regulations for the real time handling of export, import and transfer of all goods transiting through the port.
AP+ combines data on handling operations and the changes in the goods’ situation, which guarantees a better real time tracking along the total supply chain.
A real central desk for the port community, AP+ manages all declarations as well as administrative and customs authorizations, supplying all operators with the information they require for their own processes, in adherence to security and confidentiality regulations.

AP+ is widely connected to the EDI systems of supply chain operators and thus provides an immediate, reliable and standardized update of the data in the community system.